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Check This $45,000 V-Rod Out!

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The seller lives in Canada...He probably forgot to set the auction up in Canadian dollars. $45K CAD = $33K USD, Still pricey, but more reasonable.
Build a Gound Up V-rod Fellas and You'll see what it cost in Not only Money but TIME! :tmbsdow: I have 2 of them and it's INSANE the kind of Money that has been Thrown at These Bikes! :hidesbeh:
All 3 bids on that bike were from the same bidder. 1st bid 15k, 2nd bid $18K and his last bid was 45K. Also, note that the the one and only bidder has a zero feedback which tells me this this is either the seller bidding on his own bike or that this is someone just having fun bidding on something they don't have any intention on purchasing. This bike has been listed many times before!!! Don't believe what you see.
I'm looking but I don't see a $45k bike there, either US or CAN$..... MAYBE Hongkong $ would be acceptable. Seller has a history of 3 and wants only cash. Run don't walk from that deal. Hasta la vista, baby.
Yeah, that bike was listed NUMEROUS times before. I had been stalking e-bay for my Rod until I picked one up two weeks ago. But I have the same question which I was trying to get the seller to anwser (go figure, he couldn't) and that is,

Where can I get that scoop???
1 - 9 of 9 Posts