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On the way to Leesburg

OK. 6:40 am Saturday morning. Getting loaded and ready to go.

Brent_Walkoviak -- see you at 7:30 at Waffle House.
Gal Flys -- call you on your cell when we get there.
VRSC -- got you download in my PC3r. You'll be there in "spirit" (if I make it :rofl: )
Redbud -- hope all is well with your mom.

Only problem loading up: Finding a flag pole long enough for the American flag, with the Florida flag under it, with a H-D flag under that and then, of course, my v-rodforums.com t-shirt flying proudly under that!

Got the camera. See ya'll later.

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Hey Mark or JIm, are we going to try and meet up for a Sunday ride?? Either through Montverde or Ocala National Forest?? I will be back up in Leesburg tomorrow.

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I should be over in Leesburg around noon. We're meeting my in-laws and will walk around (that should take ~ 1hour ;) not that big a place) then we're up in the air after that. If we hook up we can plan from there.
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