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Cant establish RS232 link error

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Has anyone had issues getting their VRFI gen4 to connect ? i have tried everything and still cant connect.

Is there a way to reset my unit ?

I also cant get anyone on the support email ?

[email protected] ??????

It just gets kicked back :(
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You might need to download drivers. That is old technology, most new products utilize USB or Bluetooth.
It appears it connected (since it has a checksum and so on ... looks like it sees the flash buffer and the EEPROM (strange capacity there ... I would have expected something different like 512 or some power of 2). Also, not sure how the Harley works, but usually the EEPROM in an ECU contains all the "permanent" settings and readings (like fuel trims, throttle learn positions, DTCs, etc). and then the PROM and Flash memory on board are the "realtime" memory. Again, Flash memory value looks strange/tiny.. but then again, the older GM/Delphi ECUs had 256K to 512K of flash.

The buffer data errors look like they memory is possibly corrupt (hex 7F7F would be 0111 1111 0111 1111 ... which often times is a corrupted memory value). Is this is the actual programmer that you use with the unit? If so, it's using an ARM processor and looks almost like the boot loader is corrupt or wrong?

Thanks for taking the time to reply i appreciate the feedback. Looking at your comments im wondering why the header says "mega boot programmer version 11.0 fro TCFI" when im trying to update a VRFI unit?

Does anyone have contact details for the right person at Daytona to ask ?
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