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Can’t wait!

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I put on Tab Slash Cuts with baffles today, and all I can say is that I love the sound. Definitely, a lot louder than stock, but not as loud as my 06 Night Rod that I had with the CFR exhaust. I also installed a PC III as well. Seems good so far, but I won’t until I can get out for a decent ride. The weather here in the Northeast has not been too biker friendly lately. So like the title says, I can’t wait!


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Nice r! Hopefully the weather gets good soon, i'm at college in platteville and my recently purchased r is sitting in wausau, where we recently got snow, there's about knee deep snow up there i guess. I just want to go home one weekend before finals to ride. Enjoy the ride!
Me too!
Modification, again, Begets Modification

You will LOVE the TAB's slash cut baffled - Got mine and was happy to not have to put out orange cones when parked around the ( improved from stock ) hollow point mufflers ( that stick way on back there ) and to keep folks from tripping over them. :) Anyway they are in a box now, I moved on to a BUB 7 2-1, works great, more mid range power and saved another 11 lbs off the right side of the bike after the TAB's saved around 12. Lower weight, more power, bring more money. If I could just get a V&H Comp with a longer quieter silencer I could drop another 6 lbs and pickup more power. Oh well, that's the fun of owning a V Rod - always another better mod ! especially on an R Model ! May good weather come your way !
You'll love 'em!!! Just the right amount of rumble and the sound is soooo sweet.

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