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Thought I'd gauge the interest here on the fourm and see if theres anyone else wanting to install a reverse on there trike.I'm
sure your well aware that the three manufactures making kits for the
v-rod don't offer a reverse for our bikes..
I've done a little research and I feel its a very doable subject.Problem is,its a very small market,and it would be eazyer if
there were a few of us v-rod trikers interested in it,to help bring the cost down,and the more heads we have thinking the better off we would all be.
At this point I'm looking for a low RPM 12 volts DC motor with enough torqe to handle the job,and I plan on using the drive belt to
power the reverse,mostly because theres alot of room is that area to
install the motor and mounting brackets.Out of sight and out of mind
lets say,and keeping the cost down as much as posible.
To give you a little insight and back ground.I'm a semi retired
steel fabricator,and still have my shop,and equipment,and have been
in business for fourty years,but I must add I'm week on electrical,and newmadics,plus my spelling sucks!
I might add I haven't recieved my used trike kit as of yet,hopefully it will be here by the end of the month,and its my off season mod,attached is a pic.of the kit I purchased.
So if theres anyone thats interested in getting on board your can
Email at [email protected] Thanks Roge

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I got your messages Roge just trying to get things done around here.

I'll give you a call so we can talk about that Trike.

Good Luck

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