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Disclaimer: This is my opinion, take it for what it's worth ;)

- First 50 miles be nice, keep it under 65 mph and keep the rpm's under 4000
- Next 450 miles vary speeds and rpms trying not to keep it at any one rpm for more than a few minutes at a time. Resist full power roll-ons and keep the rpms under 8000.
- 500 miles, change the oil & filter, put in regular dyno juice. Ride the bike like you will normally, this should mirror your normal riding habits. Resist full power blasts to redline but don't baby the bike
- 1000 miles, have bike serviced at dealer, use synthetic oil of your choice. Ride it like you stole it :diablo:

I know, they only spec a 1000 mile oil change but the extra $20 the 500 mile change costs is well worth the insurance. That's also why I suggest normal oil since it's only going to be in there for about 2 days ;) The whole idea with the first series of oil changes is to clean out all the residual "junk" from the manufacturing process. 90% of the particulate captured in the filter in the first 1000 miles is deposited in the first hour of operation.
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