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OK, here's one for you electronics gurus. Today I was inspecting, cleaning and prepping the V for Hafnutz67's Starved Rock ride next week. When I was doing a light check, the rear seemed bright, but maybe it was just me I thought. I tried the front and rear brake and the tail light's brightness remained the same. Brake light is ON...Hmmm...stuck switch I thought. Checked the switches and they have proper movement. Maybe the brake light was out and it was my imagination that the tail light seemed bright....

Off comes the rear fender and removal of the tail light bulb...filaments looked good but I had my neighbor test it on his electrical testing equipment and the bulb worked fine; both filaments light up when they're supposed to. SO, it must be a malfunctioning switch...$igh...hello, Illinois Harley Parts Dept?

Before I left to order & pay for new switches, I put the bulb back in, re-installed fender and then, just for grins&giggles, I turned the ignition on and now I DO have brake lights but the tail light is OFF......:wazzup: I turned the ignition on & off several times, used both brakes several times and brakes work but no running tail light. The switches are fine after all and I'm thinking I just need a vacation from 70+hrs/wk because this HAS to be a hallucination.

Now, keep in mind I haven't changed anything at this point; just re-installed the tail light. So, I figure I'm just going to ride over to NAPA and get a whole set of bulbs just so I have them on hand as well as do some other errands. Fire up the V, and now the tail light works, the brake light works, and signals all work just like normal. Rode for an hour and all is normal.

Does anyone have an idea what could have caused this? I hate wiring bugaboos! :banghead:

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