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Brake Bleeding Equipment - Opinions?

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Having just pulled my bike from its second winter in storage I took a look at the brake fluid - and its probably time for some new stuff.

I read a review of Actron Brake Bleeding Vacuum Pump on WebBikeWorld, and it sounds like a good product. Anyone had any experiences with this that they would care to share?
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if you have to do it by yourself, any of those 1 man bleeders will work, but no more often than it has to be done, i'd just get someone to pump a few times for you, did my brakes and clutch today (changed to chrome controls).
I have used anti siphon valves from fish tanks successfully on my cars. I worked in a fish store for a few years as a teenager and a customer recommended it to me one day. They are used on fish tank air pumps so that water will not come into the pump in the case on power failure. You can buy them at ant fish store you will need to find the right size tubing to connect to the bleeder though. I have not tried this on my v-rod but it worked great on my cars when I did not have a second person to help.
be careful of using these mechanical vacuume pumps. I used one (mightvac) to bleed my clutch resivoir. after I was done I had NO pressure. It turns out that the seals associated with the clutch and brake master cylinder can't handle the vaccuum. I had to rebuild my master cylinder. Not hard, but did cost me a weeks riding and 40$ in parts.

My advice is don't pull a lot of vaccuum. Suck the old fluid out of the master cylinder FIRST w/ the vaccuum pour in the new fluid and draw it through slowly.
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