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Black Chrome with Chrome Flames

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Hi everyone, I told several of you that I would post some pictures of our black chrome when I got back to the shop from vacation (working :mad: ).

This is a sample airbox that we did and threw a little of everything on it, chrome with acid etched flames, then black chrome with chrome flames, and a few ghosted chrome skulls to top it off.

Happy Holidays
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opps...never mind...saw the cost....I'm with you Ken on this one.....I'm leaning toward the paint job
I was looking at the Website and noticed there is a core refund for o.e. body kits. How much back for an 04 B body kit?

The black chrome flames is exactly the look I had in mind when I got this bike!!
Looks like I gotta start saving some $$$$. Just as soon as I get over my credit card hang over from X-Mas
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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