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Black Chrome with Chrome Flames

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Hi everyone, I told several of you that I would post some pictures of our black chrome when I got back to the shop from vacation (working :mad: ).

This is a sample airbox that we did and threw a little of everything on it, chrome with acid etched flames, then black chrome with chrome flames, and a few ghosted chrome skulls to top it off.

Happy Holidays
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As usual Sean first rate. Looks sweet.
Your Stuff is the BOMB!:thumb
Me likey, Sean!!!!!!! :D
how much?
Beautiful ! Great Job.
Black Chrome

That is extactely what I have been looking for to match my black V-Rod. What is the cost on those ?
Looks great! I'm curious about price too!
20% OFF for All Forum Members just Tell Sean I sent Ya!;)
As with the paint job you done for my wife- AWESOME! The black chrome is just what I meant in my email about my paint job!
will chroming fiberglass body pieces (such as the ones DH makes ) give off the same quality and look ?
Are their any pros or cons to chroming fiberglass?
Oh man, how much is that going to set me back?

Looks good.
That is AWESOME!!! :eek: How much for a full set?? :notworthy :D
Thanks everyone, we have been doing R&D on the black candy for several months and have our color mixes completed. We did a pretty dark candy on this airbox because we wanted the high contrast of the black chrome and chrome, but we can make the black tint from a light smoke gray to a jet black.

The price on the black chrome sets (airbox, rear fender, front fender, side vents, and radiator shrouds) is the same as all our x-treme colors at $2499 and we will offer several flame designs (old school, tribal, and devil flames) as well as an all black chrome set. We can also do any custom design someone has in mind. We will still offer our core return refund as well.

FastVRSCA: Yes and No :confused:, We have a 3 step sprayable chroming system that does a pretty good job with about 90% of the reflectivity of our show chrome. When we do a candy color on the spray chrome it turns out well, but I would not leave any silver chrome like the flames on this tank. I have sent emails back and forth to DH and we are going to try getting a test set to do.

We should have our website updated with our x-treme chrome sets later tomorrow that will show additional pictures and colors.

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I don't even know what to say....

me likey:icon_mrgr :icon_mrgr
Ozzy, you continue to amaze me... keep up the good work!
Now let's see:
Paint job, marriage, paint job, marrage?
Decisions decisions.
It must be a good feeling realising you're at the pinnicle of your craft. Well done fellas.
God I wish you blokes were in Australia! (Exchange rate, postage etc!)

THAT IS TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!...Gotta know the cost dude
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