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Bitchin Seat is just that!

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I ordered the basic Wife Beater seat for my '14 DX. All I can say is that they make a very nice product! The underside of the seat is as professionally made as the topside. I got the standard leather (many options from which to choose), but added the gel insert and articulating hinge. I chatted with the owner Rich a couple of times - helluva guy.
I think this seat looks a lot better than the stock HD unit, and the comfort level is also higher. My bike is set up for solo riding, so the pillion part wasn't important to me. You can get that also with extra padding, if so desired.
I highly recommend this company for an excellent product and attention to detail.


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Rich is an awesome guy! Really loves what he does.

Looks awesome!

I love the way this seat looks on the bike and I think I want to order one in the near future. I bought my bike used and I *think* it has a reduced reach seat on it. PN P52000005-R but I'm having trouble finding info on it online.

I'm actually very comfortable with my current seating position so I wonder how much further back the bitchin' seat will put me. I don't really want to be much further stretched out (I'm 5'10"). I'd hate to shell out the coin and not like the position.

How tall are you?
Rich will make a seat to your dimensions. BUT, they're not cheap. If you're very comfortable in your current seating position, it's something to consider-- my first car cost less than my and my wife's Bitchin seat.

Of course, you could always send your current seat to Rich and say "make it to these dimensions" and he will-- that would solve any dimension problems you might have.

Rich is a true craftsman, and will talk to you at length about what you want and what you need in a seating position. Then there's the choices: leather, some other material, embossed, non-embossed, gel pad, no gel pad..... etc.

The Bitchin seat is (imho) hands-down the single best seat made for the VRSC. But, you need to be aware that it isn't the cheapest upgrade you'll ever do.


...How tall are you?
I'm 5' 11" and had no trouble adjusting to the new seat. Besides being quite comfy, it definitely looks better than the stock setup.


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I appreciate all of the feedback. I'm in love with how flush that seat is to your bike, it just compliments the lines so well. Do you do much in the way of longer trips? I'll regularly go on rides by myself or with a buddy for a few hours at a time. Current seat is comfy enough but I think this will be my next upgrade.
Bitchin seat is all-day comfy.

Did a week-long trip. FAR better than stock on the F.

:D thanks again. The website mentions:

"Tail bone relief - simply done by relocating electronic components to accommodate for tail bone relief and correct riding position. "

What all, if anything is relocated?
I didn’t have to move anything on my DX. The F may be a little different, though. According to the instructions, one or two under seat modules may need to be pushed back into the tail section for clearance. Nothing difficult at all.
Okay thanks, I have a '15 DX so it sounds like I won't have to move anything.
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