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Billet License Plate Covers/Frames...

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Hey guys,

I have a connection to get these at a decent price.

This is for the standard size plate mount (no cutting done to it)... it covers the whole plastic "ass" hanging down:

This one is for cut down plate mounts and it covers all the pastic showing around the edges of the plate:

They can also be had with an oval plate frame like this one:

retail is $120.00, I can sell them to the V-RODforum people for $105.00

If anyone is interested, let me know. I'll be adding them to my site the next chance I get to do some updates.

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Joe Plates come in so many different sizes are you going to post some measurments?


PS they look good, how is the quality of the finish?
Yeah, but soon WI's will be small!
And this won't look "over-booked"!
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ooop, sorry about that... they fit the 7"x4" license plates.

The "cut down" size for the plastic to fit under it is 7"x4"x0.25" deep

I have the cut down one in my hand right now and the fit & finish is awesome... these guys actually care about the quality of their products!

They're always developing new products and I'm going to be working with them to design some killer billet LED signal lights and perhaps a few other goodies.
Thanks for the response Joe I'll have to measure my plate now.

the 7"x4" is the standard motorcycle plate size for many states... CA and CT are that size.

hmmm, anyone know where to find a listing of state license plate sizes?
No listing but OK plates are 4 by 7 if there are any Okies out there.:cool:
I was told the law (now) in Texas prohibits covering ANY part of the data on the plate. The dealer has been forced to leave off his logo plate cover, so it must be true.
I installed one of these today... very sweet looking and totally blows away the H-D piece. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

It certainly is a high-quality piece that I'm glad to carry.
Joe if you will Make a post with several pics of your products and description of them and then send me a PM I will sticky it for you. I really like your work.

I really like that second one you listed, when can I order 1? :cool:
you can order one anytime... I haven't had the website updated yet, but no problem getting them.

here's some more pics...

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joe, you have a hook-up at billet boys.
when can we see some side mounted plates?
I don't know if they're going to do one for the V-Rod, but I do have the RMD Billet sidemounts.
sort of like a pair of chrome underwear for the dog's a$$

:D :D :D :D :D
DrHeathenScum said:
I don't know if they're going to do one for the V-Rod, but I do have the RMD Billet sidemounts.
do they light up?
yep, we just finished our first lighted versions earlier this week and they're currently at chroming. should be ready to go by the end of next week. i'll post new pics of the lighted version in the gallery when i have some...

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