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Hey guys,

So today I was cruising on my 2014 VRSCF and as I was taking a hard right turn I hit a small bump causing the bike to scrape the bottom slightly. Simultaneously, the bike died... I had to get the bike upright and slowly get to the side of the road to evaluate. All of my guages and lights were still working but it wouldn’t fire. Initially I thought it may have been the TSSM/bank angle sensor. After messing with it and following the steps in my service manual to reset it, I am still stumped. Again, all lights and guages work, all fuses are in one piece, oil and fuel levels are full. When trying to start the bike, it acts as it always has, it pressurizes and the red key and oil light come on n briefly and then go away. But when I hit start, it turns over but never fires. Unless you guys have any recommendations, I’ll start by making sure all connections are solid and checking the plugs for spark before bringing it to a shop.

Also, is there any way to check for faulty codes?

Thanks guys
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