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best place and prices on 200 Metzler

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who on line has the best prices for a 200 Metzler?
has anyone tried any other 200's?
such as http://fatbook.dragspecialties.com/products.taf?f=id&id=26062
the avon venom ZR-rated for speeds up to 149+ mph

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Ketsugo posted this site in another thread.
I beleive $130
The Avon is a 200/55. The Metz is a 200/50. The Avon will be taller meaning it wll seem like you have a 31 tooth pulley. The Metz is very close to stock height. I've also heard there's more clearance issues with the Avon 200.
thanks mark, i did'nt think of that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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