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Alot to think about with belt drive........
1. stones destroy belts
But , deep groove tires kick up more stones than , say, the tire type generally used on V-Rods. So that is good.
2. Never , while handling should you bend a belt very tightly. It greatly reduces its' life.
With that said , and have being stranded once for a couple hours due to a stone getting lodged in the rear pulley of a Road King.I learned that maybe belt guards were a necessity.
The black ones look cheap, The chrome ones are a bit big(although the same as stock-they could have trimmed it back a little) - but at least chrome.
The Rizoma looks so cool ! But I have my favorite person in the world on the back of my scoot and never want my daughter hurt.
This is just my opinion. It is narrow sighted , but honest. :2cents:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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