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Bassani Exhaust

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I spoke with David Kovacs @ Bassani today about V-Rod pipes. David has indicated that they are ready to do a V-Rod pipe but they need a "mule".

Of course the person loaning them the bike would get a great deal on the finished product as well as any other parts they decide to make using your bike as a platform.

David will be back in his office Tuesday March 9th. He can be reached @ (714) 630-1821 or [email protected]. Bassani is located in Anaheim, CA

I've used Bassani pipes on other bikes as well as cars and trucks (Lightning) and it's quality stuff that always performs. Here's the chance to influence the design and have your "perfect" pipes made from the ground up.

I hope someone decides to work with Bassani (I would but they are 3000 miles away). We could always use another option for our bikes.

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Sounds like a good deal for someone who hasent did the exhaust yet...
Did they say what type of system it is,2-2,2-1,etc?

They don't have anything yet and are looking for input. Every time I talked to them they said, "tell us what you want". All of their power systems are 2 to 1 and I already told them that whatever they make it has to have these 3 atributes if they want to sell a lot of them:

1. Make big power, 2 to 1 prefered
2. Look good with either chrome covers or polished ceramic coating
3. Provide additional ground clearance

They seemed to agree, especially to item 1. :)

I also said you needed to be able to live with the sound and that swapable baffles would be a great plus. BTW, most of their systems are very tame at idle and off power (cruising) but really come alive whenever you crack the throttle.
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Well this sounds good for some out in cali. Sound like he has some good stuff.
They are still looking for a bike - to do a 2 into 1 - anyone on the west coast needs to give Dave a call.
It's been done

I'll be the test mule, sometime in April he said.
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
cool rick! wished I lived out there...
Any update on the bassani exhaust?
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