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Hey gang!

I was on here years ago when I had my first (and second) F before taking a few years to tinker with cars. About to jump on a third F here shortly, a low mile stock 09. Time to see what is new with mods and what I will be adding.

Tried my old account but it's gone :(

Basics planned already

V&H pipes
SE filter and tune
budman riser
bitchin' seat
daymaker headlight
probably gonna need new rubber, battery, and fluids

Other than that I've always loved this motorcycle as is so not much planned...... for now.

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HD sent a letter to us '09 owners offering a free brake fluid change for ABS-equipped models. They said the owner's manual did not clearly/correctly include the brake fluid service interval so to be safe they gave us a freebie!

Besides the fluids, I'd check all the rubber -tires, hoses, and belt. Then be sure to check your mirrors because that's where you'll find everyone!
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