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hey guys....

has anyone tried the AW bars on a DX,to get more of a cruiser comfortable position.....?...

what Im wondering is would a clamshell from AW and AW bars work with the fairing on the DX and if so,what would it look like?...any opinions?..

I realize many go with the D bars on the DX but Id like to go more like the AW.....i think it might look cool with a blacked out clamshell which would probably sit right behind and abit taller then the fairing.....I know one member here has the AW bars and clamshell,but he also removed his fairing and put on a custom headlight....id like to keep the fairing and stock DX headlight as I really like it.

I was looking at the breathless website and saw they have a small fairing now for AW models....and they have a pic of their fairing with a AW clamshell and it looks kinda cool.....

any other handlebar suggestions from you DX guys who found that the stockers are just too low for long hauls..id appreciate them!

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