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Well, let me see, Melbourne in Feb.
Bring hot and cold clothing, as weather can be 40deg C over 100F one day, and 22 deg C the next.
It's Summer, so bring your bathers and hit the Great Ocean Road. Great drive, though do it on a week day if possible, as the tourists are murder otherwise.
Where exactly are you going to stay (area of Melbourne)?
Sharlene and I are driving down there with the Indian in the trailer (3000kms away) for some leave and to visit the outlaws.
If you let me know where you will be, I can give you some ideas, and maby even catch up for a beer?
WORD OF ADVICE, only swim between the flag on our beaches. We loose numerous overseas visitors each year due to not following this direction.

Best wishes mate.

Ken and Sharlene.

ThorBob said:
Just got the word that I'm attending a conferance down in Melbourne Australia next month (insert Homer-like "Yoo-Hoo!!"). Since I have never been to that side of the globe before I would luv some suggestions as to places to go and things to see. Bike related or not, gimme some ideas! Oh, and if anyone can figure out a good way to spend 24 hours in Singapore, I'm all ears :D

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