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Is anyone out there Asthmatic, or know of someone who is? After 3 years of development I can now offer an asthma management program. I developed this program because I was tired of having asthma dictate how I was to live my life. I began development of beta version of the program approximately 4 years ago. I am now able to offer the program to the public.

It is called PeakTrend, and it keeps track of the Peak Flow rates of a single person, or multiple people with asthma. You simply enter your readings into the readings screen.

The program allows you and your physician to develop an asthma action plan. It determines your personal best peak flow rate, and the green, yellow, and red peak flow zones.

PeakTrend also determines your daily Diurnal Variation. Diurnal Variation is the ratio of you daily highest reading vs your daily lowest reading. This number illustrates how well your asthma is under control. A number of 10 or greater indicates that you may be entering an asthmatic episode.

It also has a section, on the readings screen, where you keep a daily diary of activities and symptoms. It also has an allergen exposure section. PeakTrend also keeps track of all of your medications on the medications screen.

There are approximately 39 different reports including daily actual readings reports, weekly actual readings reports, average readings reports, peak flow trending reports, and medications lists.

For more information Visit my website at: http://www.peaktrend.com
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