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As Saddlebags Go - Size Matters

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If someone out there has a set of Molded Saddlebags :notworthy
Can that very very special person, take the inside measurements of those bags.
They look fairly large, I'm wondering what's their volume and how much fuel can they really hold? :icon_twis

:helpme: :helpme:
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My first hobby is flying. Next week, I'm meeting with a company to price fuel bladders for a project airplane. The company also builds fuel cells/tanks for major applications... NASA, NASCAR, and DOD

So I thought they could do something to extend the range of our short legged beauties. With the interior measurements of the hardbags and the V-Rod fuel system specs, they are willing to fashion a safe and affordable auxiliary tank plus delivery system for the V-Rod.

Cool. While they are at it, is it possible to do it for the soft HD bags I have installed?? I'll get you the dimensions of those if they can.
Uh... bags are pretty hard to measure. All the sides, top and bottom are rounded. Not sure how to provide you useful dimensions.

Perhaps you need to get yourself one, if you're truly gonna' create a new product. You might be able to pick up a 'scratched' one pretty cheap. I saw a single bag for sale on ebay- maybe contact the person and ask him for the 'other' one -that probably doesn't look too good on the outside. Just a guess.
Remember to balance the fuel load between bags for balance. Would be nice if you could fill all tanks from the one filler cap.
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