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If anyone is interested, I have a 2003 VROD with 6,500 miles. It was over $25,000.00 new with all the extras, Harley hard leather bags, Harley windshield, Screamin' Eagle exhaust, Harley $1,200.00 front wheel and of course...dripping with chrome. It has new tires front and rear and a fresh synthetic oil change. The bike is very near mint, as would be expected with such low miles. In addition to all the above, I just last fall bought a $2,600.00 Harley Radical Paint Set that is like brand new, still in the boxes they came in. #81 of 200 made. So that's $28,000.00 thrown at this bike. Notice, I didn't say "invested". Bikes are not investments, at least, not this new.

Why trade??? My wife hates the bike and we ride together all the time, except when I ride to work..and since we also own a 2003 Electra, I really don't have to get rid of this bike, but thought I'd throw it out there. I'm wanting a Softail or a Road King. Maybe a Dyna, but I doubt it.

If you're interested in trying to trade, shoot me an e-mail with all the info on your bike and we'll see what happens.

And no, I don't want to trade for a turd and I'm not stupid or desperate !!! Wouldn't bother me in the least to keep it, and that's not a sales line, that's gospel.

I'm thinkin' that maybe someone that has a Harley I'm lookin' for might come on here and look for a VROD, so let's try to work a trade. You can reach me direct at:

[email protected]


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