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Anyone painted their anodized aluminum rods?

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I am just curious as to any special prep and or what primer works best??? I will be painting my VRSCA this summer and am just gathering some research notes. Anyother heads up regarding painting the rods?

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Thanks guys,

I airbrush for fun and as a side gig to my day job at General Motors. I have been doing helmets and such as well as my old Sportster and am trying to learn more about painting the bikes...which is my passion. I have yet to squirt a VRSCA yet...or aluminum at all actually, and did not know if the annodizing would mess with the paint. Thanks for the info!

I seen Ozzy's work on his website and to say the least, his work F%$KING ROCKS! Killer top notch work there! On another V-Rod forum, there is a couple great painters there as well...Jet Blue and Badger Octane to name a couple. I really love Ozzy's flag work, some of the best I have seen!

Thanks again!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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