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Used '06 VRSCD stock exhaust (self-v-modded) up for sale.

Replaced my stock D with V&H 2-1 (great pipes! BTW)

I have everything from the headpipes back, except the baffles (left those in TX)

Note that these are NOT new. The bike has been ridden extensively (16k/11mos) in all types of weather (except snow/ice) in DFW, TX, and Florida. But if you need replacements for the 2 headpipes, tailpipe (collector 2-1-2), heat shields, clamps, or possibly the mufflers, these will work fine. The chrome is in good shape, just not new. Or maybe someone wants to try out the v-modded mufflers without cutting theirs. These are a bit odd-looking on the end: I drilled holes in the end to get more sound, drove it a while, then removed the inner baffles a bit sloppily, planning to machine some end-plates, but never got to it.

Pictures on request.

The pieces I have:

(1) Front headpipe
(1) Front headpipe heatshield
(1) Rear headpipe
(1) Rear headpipe heatshield
(1) tailpipe/collector
(1) tailpipe/collector heatshield & screws
(2) mufflers that HAVE NO inner BAFFLES (outer baffles intact)
(1) front figure-8 clamp
(2) muffler clamps

Price is $50 + shipping for all the pieces
or $10/piece + shipping

If interested in whole or part, give me your zip and I'll send a shipping estimate.

Paypal payments ONLY or cash and no shipping charge if local to Sarasota, FL
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