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Anyone here tried the X-Treme Chrome sets from Ozzy?

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Just checking to see if anyone here has tried any of the X-Treme Chrome paint sets from Ozzy Customs? I'm pretty close to sending my parts to him and wanted to see if there was anyone here who could give some post paint feedback.

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Super Kaz,
Sweet! Sounds awesome. I'm probably going to go with the same set at the Toxic Green set he's got on the website... only different colors than Green and purple. Going to stick with the HD colors. Disassembling the parts as we speak. Had to stop for a conference call with work!!!

Will do Super Kaz! Got any insight on how to get the 2 radiator covers off? that's the only part giving me trouble so far!!
OK... I'll keep trying... May ask if anyone else in the forum can walk me through how to get them off... Thanks Super Kaz!!
Thanks Michael333!! I finally got them both off... ready to ship to Ozzy!!!
Not to shabby!! Thanks for the insight Chris!! Much appreciated!
What did you have painted and which set did you choose? Or was it all a custom job?
Sounds awesome Chris!! How long ago did you order? Are they using your original parts? What are you referring to by "clamshell"? I've not heard that term yet...

I'll have to give them a call tomorrow during business hours. I've emailed twice today but have not gotten a response. My paint set is basically going to mirror the Toxic Green set that they have shown on the website. Only instead of Green mine will be "Toxic" Orange (he sent me a pic of what the orange looks like, perfect!) and black metallicwhere the Toxic Green set is purple. Wanted to stay with the Harley colors. Then he's going to replace the 100th Anniversary emblems on the Airbox cover. I can't wait to get the ball rolling!!
Oh yeah... forgot that I'm gonna have them put ghost skulls all over the paint set as well...
Gthong - When did you place your order for your skins? I placed mine today and Sean said they should be ready in 4-5 weeks... just trying to get a grasp on when I can expect them...
Oh yeah... forgot to tell ya... talked to Sean earlier today and he's really excited about using some type of "powder-based" paint that glows in the dark. I'm getting my intials below the taillight and a skull and crossbones on the front of the front fender. Also if you look on ozzycustoms.com and choose products then X-treme Chrome then Toxic Green... where you see the crackled look is going to be a glow in the dark as well... I can't wait!!! Looking at the Toxic Green set... mine will be Toxic Orange instead of Green and Black Metallic Black instead of purple... can't get them soon enough!!!
Could be radio active you being in Las Vegas and all...

:alien: Seen this guy out in Area 51? Or am I thinking about Arizona?
1 - 12 of 22 Posts
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