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Hi guys,
I'm searching here for anyone located in Melbourne Australia and hoping they've had some minor or major hot up work done on their bike. Needing some info on where the best shop is to go.
I'm in Ringwood and I've got an '07 vrscx and am trying to find a competant shop that knows what they're doing with Vrods. Years back I had custom work done by HD Developement on a heritage and the guys really knew their job. I asked them recently about performing hot up stuff on the rod and they didn't know much about it. I'm thinking if Pete and Colt don't know much, well the usuals like Stevos probably won't have a clue. Must admit I haven't
rung Harley city or Dochogs etc yet, will probly do so tomorrow. Just that putting out the feelers here is probly the best bet first up.
First thing I want to change is those stock pipes and I'm usually the first to drill the baffles straight out or off with the mufflers and on with the noise (can't believe I've resisted the urge for 3 months to get those mufflers off just to hear how good it'd sound), but I've read here about changing pipes and remapping?? computer stuff on the bike is essential or it'll run lean and hot and could stuff things up piston wise etc.
All a bit hitech for me - I'm an 'ol school carby type of guy and know bugger all about fuel injection and engine computer stuff. But no doubt I'll learn. It's such a sweet bike I don't want to damage any engine stuff but the hot rodder in me can never be satisfied with stock so hot it up a bit I must! Anyway any info or leads would be much appreciated.

Thanks mates,
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