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For the little ferrule cover on the banjo fitting of our brake/clutch lines...

It look like the Dyna/Softail cover but:
Fits '84-later models (except '02-later VRSC) with stock master cylinders and calipers. (Does not fit with Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines.) (Will not fit models equipped with hydraulic clutch.)
It says it won't fit the VRSC, it won't fit a hydraulic clutch, and it won't fit stainless steel braided lines...

Yet, I KNOW I've seen pics of someone's bike here that had them... It seems they come as a pair, but we would need 2 of the "banjo cover" from the kit. Any help?

I'll bet this is a case of HD marketing. We ALL new the HD "Airfoil" pegs would fit the V-Rod, yet HD said they wouldn't. Last week HD announced in the NEW products... V-Rod Airfoil pegs... I've mine since October.
Silly marketers
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