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DrHeathenScum said:
how about this:
It has not copied the lit V

I like this one as well, it would also be legal in the U.K.

The orange in the tail light section is not legal in the U.K.

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The light up V is the bomb :notworthy
I want one in smoked or clear when you get them. Great work :cheers:

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Definitely like design #2 (the V with brake off). I would be in for that.

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Hey Joe, according to your site, it looks like you can replace the red lens for the clear lens for a meager $16. Is this something previous stage II customer can do at home, or will they need to sent thier taillight back for replacement?

If I can do it, I'll buy a stage 2 light now, then order me a clear lens when they become available... tired of waiting to order.

Please advise.
21 - 40 of 42 Posts
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