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I have a 6-02 build-date on my bike. I have noticed a tiny drop of oil collecting at the back of the valve cover - but this seems to have disappeared, especially since I had the 10K service done (and the dealer put on new gaskets) - its not a real hazard, but it does need an eye kept on it.

I've also had the front axle nut come loose. I bought a 24mm combination wrench, and I check it periodically. I haven't noticed any reoccurence - but again, not something you should ignore.

In many respects the 02 V-Rods were surprisingly trouble-free. I put this down to good engineering, an extensive pre-release testing program, and good Quality Control.

A bike that has sat for most of the past two years is unlikely to have too many problems. To my knowledge there should not be any outstanding recall or service bulletins on this bike. I'd be most concerned about the battery - but if its been on a battery tender, it should be no worse than for any other bike of that vintage.
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