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another new VROD owner

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Hey guys hows it going? Name is Mark from Houston, TX. Just purchased my 12 night rod over the weekend. Unluckily as I have started reading my abs seems to be bad. So now have to source that crap out. But so far riding her is so easy going compared to my Busa. But my wife and I love to ride no matter what we are on. I
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Welcome to the 1130cc and enjoy the ride.
Thanks a lot. Looking forward to some good riding after getting this abs issue resolved.
Welcome to the form. My apologies to you for jumping to conclusions.
No problem man. Im just trying to source a used one. Just sucks Harley won't our right sell the unit. I found a used one on ebay for 859 but I feel for a used one, for a few bucks more Harley can do and ill have warranty. I work out of town a lot and will probably just drop off and have them do it anyways.
Here she is as I bought her. Radiator held on with zip ties. Part of the ignition broken, missing the radiator side covers. paint job looks like it was done by a 5 year old. Then someone laid carbon fiber stripes down it. Just locked away in storage till next week when all the parts arrive. Thanks to the help of Dave. Thanks again man. I could find my sport bike parts all day long on craigslist. The vrod seems to be a different breed. But I love it so far.


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The V-Rod is heavy compared to a sport bike. Once it is up and running, it is a blast to ride. Being on this form is a great experience, a great amount of known here. As far as your part number, it is good. Not a easy number to find. Good luck and have fun. Wind it out once and a while. My friend bike has a 9500 rpm shift point. Dave
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