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I'm NOT a dealer of Amsoil and hope I'm not "stepping on any toes", but I have a couple of cases of Amsoil oil that are unopened that I would like to sell.

There are 12 quarts to a case of the 20w50 motorcycle oil.

I'll ship it to you, continental US lower 48 states, for $125 for the case. On their website the case is now selling for $141.

If you live somewhere close in SC or lower NC, I'd gladly ride to meet you somewhere.

I don't want to sell quart at a time, just a case at a time and I just have a couple of them. And I will prefer to sell to someone closer to me as this is heavy and shipping will probably be a fortune!

If interested, please email me at [email protected] as I check that every day.

And if I'm not allowed to sell Amsoil oil on the forum, please remove this post. Thanks.
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