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AIT temp sensor relocator

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I have a 2002 V Rod and want to do the AIT temp sensor relocator , has anyone done this themselves? How hard is it to do and any tricks to it .

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cowboytx_44 I did mine in about 15 minutes. It is really simple to do, I got my kit from chopper steve at v-mod.com. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions.

AIT Temp

Thanks Max for the quick reply , i just was'nt sure if there would be a trick to it .

I am not a mechanic like Max and I could do it. However it did make me wince when I had to cut the old connector off, I was operating on my baby. Other than that it was not too hard or tricky.
Thanks Bruzer , i am going to try it when the IAT sensor comes in .
A few quick simple questions:

First, Max what is the cost of the relocation kit and do you need it if you haven't gone topless?

Second (this one is somewhat stupid), I have a late 02 picked it up in May 02 is there an easy way to tell if my hasn't been relocated?

And third, I haven't experienced any problems and really don't know if I need to do this or not, is there a specific reason for relocating it? I've got almost 9000 miles on my bike already


VA V-Rod it is very simple to tell if yours has the kit installed. The 02 from the factory has no IAT sensor in the upper air filter housing.

Unless you run the 16gauge pipes HD said it was not needed however the current location of an 02's sensor can not produce accurate information since it is inside the front intake runner already getting heat from the engine. The IAT should measure air temp not engine temp. Keep in mind that if you make the change that a new flash is required for the bike to be right but before I did my reflash I could tell no difference.

I got my kit from chopper steve and it was around 60 dollars total.

The only difference is in the air fuel mixture. Since the IAT sensor gets a more accurate temp reading it allows a better air fuel mixture. I think the biggest factor comes in on hot restarts when the IAT sensor will heat soak in the head and give a very lean mixture for the first few miles.

I ordered and received the IAT sensor with the new air box top cover but the instructions are missing , my luck . Does anyone happen to have them that could send them to me or post it ,sure would be helpfull.
Is there an alternative "do-it-yourself" mounting option, or do you need the HD kit IAT relocator kit? If so, what is the part number....thanks, John.
I have an 02, got the new IAT sensor located in the upper airbox cover. Now that I'm running topless, I zip tied the sensor lead to one of the spring clips. Thus leaving the actual sensor a few inches from the SE air filter, no engine heat will effect the sensor reading regardless of engine temp in this location
I think this is the HD part# 29434-01A and chopper steve sells the kit for $55.00 on his site.

the easiest way to tell if you have the 'old' or not is to look on the right side of the engine, just ahead of the coolant pump. on the head. The '02s had the IAT sensor mounted right there on the intake port runned as Max stated. It's very easy to see. The H-D relocation kit came with a new IAT sensor and you left the old one in the head, just unplugged.... with the wires now running up to the newly installed IAT. If you find that sensor there ('02 models only) you need to leave it there or make provisions to fill the hole in the head where it mounts so there won't be an intake leak.
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