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Hi all,

I am thinking of installing Airfoil pegs.
Reason being I like the look and they come in 3 different sizes which is what I need.
But the HD website specifically sais they won't fit VRSC, XL883L and XL1200N.
So I'm wondering "Why the heck not?"

I bought a set of forward controls from an A model which I'm planning to install as a dual control setup. They had a set of the Large size on them already. And aside from the fact that they are missing the tensioner spring they fit. So what's up with that?

Does anyone have a set of Airfoils on their bike?


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Airfoils or Aileron?

Aileron Footpegs

Sweeping rearward like a fighter plane wing, the Aileron Peg Collection is a perfect match for your low-profile street machine. Curving chrome surrounds the deep black rubber pad that is acce


Fits H-D® male mount style footpeg supports (except '07-later XL883L, XL1200N or '08-later FXCW/C and FXDF models).

MSRP US $169.95


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I have airfoils front and back. They fit just fine, no mod's needed. :)
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