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Air manifold mount location

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This should be easy for those with air suspension. I just got arnott suspension and waiting on a part and was looking looking through the instructions ( yes this is a big project for me) only part i am not real clear on is where to mount the air manifold. It says the spot between the gas tank and the frame? Frame to me is actual frame and i cannot make out their pictures. Does anyone have a pic? Or do they mean mount the bracket to the metal piece i have shown i pic and use the void under it? I have a 2007 night rod special. Thanks in advance
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Here`s how I did it on my -07 dx.
Jack up the bike, put your hand between the tire and the fender and remove the small plastic mud flap, this will make installation easier.


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Wow! That looks clean as hell. Thank you. So you put the compressor and the manifold under there. I may look at doing that as well. Cuts down on the tubing etc.. thanks I appreciate it
I'm impressed. I had no idea the compressor would fit under there (I have the manifold under there however). You just solved a "packaging" issue I have with a project. Gold star for Knut!
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