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A frenchy ... with you

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A Frenchman among you.
My pen name is Mastok. I run in VRSC F MUSCLE of 2009, which comes from saint Martin. Black, V and H, stage 1. I change at present the block meter for a drag bar and meter motogadget.
I am military, married and i have a littre girl "Amber".
I run in HD for almost 10 years. The first one a VRSC B of 2004 and since a few years the Muscle.
I hope to provide to share with you, even if I do not speak good forcing your language. I know little MC and I carry the colors of a MMC.
Thank you for your welcome.
Laurent or Mastok
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Bienvenu, monsieur. I lived in France for 2 years, but without a motorcycle. I suppose you have to be creative with the inspections there if you have an aftermarket exhaust!
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