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Today, my wife, I and members of our local motorcycle riding club (along with many hundreds of other motorcyclists, law enforcement, fire departments and others) provided "escort" for several large metal beams from one of the twin towers that were destroyed on 911. The purpose of this "escort" was to transport these beams to Kitsap county Washington where they will be used in a 911 memorial. We escorted the procession for a segment of the journey across Washington, from Moses Lake to Ellensburg. The makeup of those escorting was...well, let's just say some were rather colorful. As were their rides. For those on bikes, at least 90% were air-cooled Harleys. Some Goldwings, Suzuki/Kawi/Yami cruiser types and two, yes two, V-Rods. Mine was one of them and my buddy Gary (President of our riding club) was the other. If there were other V-Rods, I did not see them. There were a variety of other types of transportation, some of which I wish I could unsee. I have included some of them for your viewing pleasure. :)

First though, the reason for the escort:

The beams

My baby in front of the beam truck

I don't know what to say...

Please make it go away. Some hippy chick drives it...

Sorry if I placed this in the wrong section.

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