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Michel said:
Noticed that the 28 tooth sprocket is now part of the original equipment for the 2004 V-Rod Vs to the 30 Tooth for the 2003. In Canada the conversion kit is available from HD for $444.95 MSRP CDN plus HD says you require dealer installed ECM recalibration. First, is it worth the difference to convert and if it is, what is the performance enhancement? What are the alternatives to HD's parts?

Michel, perfect timing to ask these questions. We have a group buy of the Turbo Tech 28t sprocket going on right now!! It is something that just about anyone can do on their own with the help of the great people in the forum. It makes the bike more fun I have been told so I am on the list of buyers. It has some other advantages too, you can do a search for it on the forum and find more info. The TT(Turbo Tech) sprocket is also on a huge discount for the next week thanks to our good friend Kaz. Check out the group buy section and take advantage!! :kaz:
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