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Hi all,
Just went round trip from Redmond, WA to Arches National Park with my son Tyler and three old farts from high school. (class of '70)
It was his first long haul on his '05 V-Rod.
I set the bike up with the Unlimited Engineering 5.4 gallon tank, a custom tall sissy bar, saddlebags and luggage.
I had VMOD do the pipes and bought their Power Commander V with their custom power settings. The bike is topless with a K&N air filter.

Hot as all get out all the way. Made a side trip to Bonneville Salt Flats. Covered almost 2500 miles in eight days. We did 1050 in the first two days alone.
Just wanted to haul ass to Moab and meander on the way back. Which leads me to my point.
The V-Rod ran flawlessly in the heat, which was in the upper 90s and the occasional 100 every day.
I was concerned that even though I put in the larger tank, the V-MOD full power MAP would have us all stopping for gas like we had an older Sportster with us.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the V-Rod was consistanly getting between 35 and 39 miles to the gallon.
The engine remained cool, never complained and ran flawlessly.
The guys behind the V-Rod did mention that when Tyler would roll the throttle on hard, there was a momentary blip of black smoke. It could be normal for that particular MAP. But I don't know for sure.

Again, temperatures ranged between 90 and 100 degrees.
Daily elevations ranged between 2700 and 4200 feet, except leaving and returning to the Seattle area.. which is sea level.
I was leading this time and kept the freeway speeds between 75 and 80 mph depending on the state.
On highways we were pretty much at 68 mph.
Attached is a timed photo I took at Bonneville.
That's me on the right. Tyler is second from the left.

Bill Farnsworth


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That is a great pic. Without seeing how bad the smoke is it is tough to say. Normally a little smoke mean the bike is running fat. In my opinion better a little fat than lean. If it is running good and pulls hard I would run with it. If you are really concerned about it I would have it dyno tuned.
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