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240 rear DX swap

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Guys, need a little help. I realize I could research this but my upcoming Bagram deployment makes the days seem short. Could I just swap my current 06'R swingarm/axle/wheel/pulley with an 09DX swingarm/axle/wheel/spacers/pulley? Straight swap if I purchase a stock 09' belt? Purpose: black swingarm w/240 rear. Thanks guys, the knowledge on this site blows my mind!
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I don't believe it will work. Be advised that the 240 will significantly degrade the handling on the R.
That is what I did! bike handles awesome, You also need the two piece brembo caliper otherwise the tire change is a pita, I also used VRSCF wheels. the 09Dx swing arm will also lower the rear an inch or so the box section is longer than the R but it completes a very stable ride!
AWESOME! Thanks for the feedback boostinbaja, is the two piece Brembo caliper a stock VRSCF item?
yes its stock on most newer 240's bikes
Thanks again, first time I've heard of the two piece caliper. I think you saved me some serious cursing! BTW, I ride the baja quite often. Beautiful coastline!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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