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2013 Vrod muscle front turn signals aren't working.

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Hey all. I replaced the battery yesterday and while doing so, accidently grounded to the frame. Couple of sparks, my bad. I am NOT a mechanic. Anyway, the front l.e.d. mirror turn signals aren't lighting up now. At all. Not when the bike is running, not when I hit the turn signal buttons. The rear signals and hazards work just fine. I check the fuses on both the front and rear block. They're all fine. Any ideas on how to fix my f-up?
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Sounds like you have probably fried the front turn signal module.
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Please bear in mind that, again, I am NOT a mechanic, so I apologize if this is a stupid question. Is the front turn signal module something I could replace myself? I'm 4000 miles from home atm and would like to avoid expensive repair bills, if possible. If I can replace it myself, how would I find out what it looks like/ where is located? Tyvm for your help!
Don't see any connection to grounding the battery, for your condition. Must be something else. Here is the module.


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That was just my best guess, as I haven't done anything else wrong to it. To the heart of my knowledge anyway. Seriously though, thank you so very much for your help. I'll post an update after I replace it.
Check & make sure when you were replacing the battery & side covers that you didn't unplug the connector for the turn signal Module.
Sometimes it's just that simple 😎
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