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Hey guys, I posted on the V-Rod muscle forum about some intended mods for my bike and I thought it would be better to move the question here.

I went to my local dealer to get some idea and here is what I came back with:

Destroyer Throttle Body part# 27670-05
SE Stage 2 cam kit part # 30076-09

I know this topic has been beat to death but one piece of info has me a bit worried. Some people have reported that this throttle body combined with these cams has a high idle point and has a chance of breaking the butterfly screw connection on the throttle itself. (not sure if I'm describing this right but pretty confident you guys will know what I'm talking about).

In any case would anyone be willing to explain more on this point and what I can go back and tell the dealer in regards to this?

Also what other parts could I get in order to have some added insurance that this wont happen in the future. I've heard something about valve springs( the beehive shaped ones) and maybe some other parts too. Also The Jones cam run is currently going on and I'm not sure if its too late to jump in on that... feeling a bit torn at the moment on what to do

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have the appointment set for next Wednesday but I could postpone it in order to order some more parts and make sure this is done right.

Thanks again everyone!

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General consensus is that the throttle body is not worth doing until a later stage, no real benefit just with cams. So save your money. Search on here, lots of threads and dyno results etc

The important thing when doing the cams is getting a good dyno tune and setup afterwards.
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