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2013 V-Rod Muscle

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Hello everyone! this is my first time posting on these forums and I'm hoping to get some advice on some mods before I go to install them.

I recently bought my V-Rod muscle on craigslist from an older gentleman who used to be an ex cop, he was trying to get rid of it because of his arthritis. Needless to say it was a good deal and I jumped right on it.

Now he had already added some of his own "mods" namely a windshield and some of those metal sidebars that would protect your leg from being crushed if it happened to fall. One interesting thing he also did was remove the baffles from the stock pipes in order to eliminate that "sewing machine" noise that these bikes are notorious for.

I was pretty satisfied with the sound but after a while it became apparent that it would be too much for the neighborhood I live in, what I did then is what a lot of people do in this case and look for a new pair of pipes. I settled on the Vance and Hines competition slip on's and also got a K&N Filter for the OEM airbox.

it has been about a month since those upgrades and I'm at the point that I want to do a full service on it. Along with that service I wanted to get it dyno tuned and have the local dealer download the powervision software into the bikes oem computer.

Now this is the part where the rubber meets the road. Since I'm already committed to the dyno, I wanted to use this opportunity to add a few other mods and have a nice before and after shot of what type of power its putting out.

The parts I have in mind are a
-Moto Hooligan V-Rod Super Intake
-A new set of Cams which the dealer said he'll do some research into
-A Zipper's Machined 58mm V-Rod throttle Body
-AV&V High Performance Valve Spring Kits (Beehive Shape)
-Trask Hi-Flow Fuel Rail & injectors

so far that has been the fruit of my own research but I'm far from an expert.

If you've made it this far thank you for taking the time to read this and any input would be greatly appreciated!
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Run..... RUN away from the dealer when looking for information on V-Rods.

Most are uninformed, if not completely wrong about anything relating to the VRSC platform.

Your best bet is right here-- Search, and then ask questions in the appropriate subforum.

And, WELCOME to the forum!

Thank you both
As far as the dealer is concerned he seems like a genuine guy and between him and his partner they are pretty experienced. He's used to modding bikes for drag races so he's not entirely unfamiliar with what needs to be upgraded so the other parts can be fully utilized
Welcome and be sure to let us know how she turns out. Pics??
Thank you, and I'll definitely let you guys know and include some pics as well
Jones came and springs IF you can wait...otherwise I found Screamin' Eagle Stage II cams at boardtrackerharleyonline.com I think the kit is like $412 if memory serves.
It's been a while since I last posted but the updates are all done.
I've had two things installed:
-SE stage 2 cams
-Destroyer 58mm Throttle body
-Topless and bottom template airbox mod

The bike runs beautifully, has a very mean rumble, like a legit drag bike, probably due to the throttle body idle speed.

On that same note though the check engine light has been turning on at idle and during a ride, the guy who worked on it said that it wasn't a mechanical issue but rather a ghost code that keeps reoccurring, leading to a cascade effect that lights up other codes. All in all I have an appointment for the 31st to take care of that, they are going to get in contact with Harley directly and see about a resolution.

I'll also attach some pictures.
Totally jealous! You will have to keep us posted on your dyno experience.
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