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2013 V-Rod Muscle VRSCF

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Hello Everyone, it's great to finally be on 1130cc.com. This is my first post. I want to put chrome rims on my 2013 Muscle. I got a quote from my local HD but looking for other legit places to get prices from. A lot of motorcycle tire and rim shops say they don't have chrome rims for the F. Any suggestions of where to checkout or if anyone is selling front and rear chrome rims for the muscle would be appreciated. Have a good one!
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I would imagine most chrome shops can do it but I think I'd go with a shop who specializes in wheels. Chrome2nv dot com is one place in Columbus, Ohio. He had a nice display at the last bike show. I'm sure there's tons of places online. I have been thinking of doing mine but I still like the contrast of the stock muscle wheel.
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