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2012 Night Rod Exhaust System Comparison: V&H 2-1 vs. Trask Assault 2-1

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I finally pulled the trigger on a new exhaust. It was down to the Fitzgerald Cut Throat and the Trask Assault. I went with the Trask since it looked like it pulled in closer to the bike and sat high enough that I figured it would be very unlikely that I would have any ground clearance issues (like the ones I've been dealing with running the V&H Comp).

I've been digging for info on the Trask for a while and there appears to be surprisingly very little info out there. One or two videos on YouTube. I asked around about it on our beloved forums and FB but got very little feedback. The Fitzgerald Cut Throat seems to have more in the way of YouTube vids, pics, opinions, etc.

Having said all that, I figured I might try to be part of the solution rather than the problem. I took the time to make a comparison video during installation to document the difference in sound between the two pipes (link below). Hoping to take her out for a ride tomorrow to get first impressions and so on.

Comparison Video
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Both very close is sound. How's the quality of the Trask? Clearance looks better.
Clearance looks much better. This was one of my primary reasons for going with this pipe.

The mounting bracket and hardware are really nice. Everything fit right together; I didn't have to fight to get anything to line up. I really like the double slip-joint fit where the two headers go into the muffler. I imagine that creates a better seal than only a single slip joint.

I dig the sound so far. In person, it seems to be more aggressive than the V&H Comp.
I like how they angled the rear O2 sensor on the Trask pipe coupled with they are using a brace. Not so impressed with those interesting looking shields and cables. A bit busy in my opinion. Looks like they used decent mandrel bends as well (how is the weld quality? Can barely see it in the video, but not sure if I see a decent stack of dimes or some ehhh style work).

I can tell you this, I had the FM cut throat pipe for a few years. Once you see a quality set of pipes you realize how awful the FM pipes are (and ridiculously overpriced).
Weld quality looked good on the ones that I noted, but I didn't go over the thing with a fine-toothed comb or anything. I am actually considering removing the safety wires and bolts to be replaced with black hardware.

Funny that you mention the Fitzgerald Cut Throat. That was the other pipe I was considering. It just didn't look as tucked in on the bike as the Trask.
Sounds great!

How is the right calf clearance compared to the V&H?

My short legs have kept me from going to a 2-1 pipe ever since I sat on a NRS with the V&H and my calf was way too close for comfort.
Thanks. Overall, this pipe is tucked in nice and tight to the bike, which I really like. The clearance on the right side of the bike is definitely better, plus they have the heat guards in the right location so as to make sure you can't touch the hot pipe with a shoe or boot accidentally.
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Any chance you'll be selling the V&H pipes? 😉
They are already sold.
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