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2012 Night Rod Exhaust System Comparison: V&H 2-1 vs. Trask Assault 2-1

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I finally pulled the trigger on a new exhaust. It was down to the Fitzgerald Cut Throat and the Trask Assault. I went with the Trask since it looked like it pulled in closer to the bike and sat high enough that I figured it would be very unlikely that I would have any ground clearance issues (like the ones I've been dealing with running the V&H Comp).

I've been digging for info on the Trask for a while and there appears to be surprisingly very little info out there. One or two videos on YouTube. I asked around about it on our beloved forums and FB but got very little feedback. The Fitzgerald Cut Throat seems to have more in the way of YouTube vids, pics, opinions, etc.

Having said all that, I figured I might try to be part of the solution rather than the problem. I took the time to make a comparison video during installation to document the difference in sound between the two pipes (link below). Hoping to take her out for a ride tomorrow to get first impressions and so on.

Comparison Video
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I like how they angled the rear O2 sensor on the Trask pipe coupled with they are using a brace. Not so impressed with those interesting looking shields and cables. A bit busy in my opinion. Looks like they used decent mandrel bends as well (how is the weld quality? Can barely see it in the video, but not sure if I see a decent stack of dimes or some ehhh style work).

I can tell you this, I had the FM cut throat pipe for a few years. Once you see a quality set of pipes you realize how awful the FM pipes are (and ridiculously overpriced).
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