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2009 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle with nice Upgrades

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2009 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle with nice Upgrades - Minnesota/Wisconsin

I have an opportunity to pick up another bike that is more suited to the type of riding I do, so putting the Muscle up for sale. If it doesn't sell, I won't be heartbroken :D

Approximately 9500 miles. Adult owned and driven. Includes factory HD security with 2 FOB's. A number of tasteful enhancements have been added to improve performance, safety, and the overall experience on the bike. Everything that has been done is 100% reversible to stock if you do not like them. No wires were cut, etc. Excellent condition with numerous extras including:

- Power Vision tuner
- TAB slip-on pipes (original pipes included)
- K&N air filter
- HD QD Sport Windshield
- Daymaker LED headlight with halo ring in custom machined and polished aluminum bracket/housing (original headlight included)
- Programmable brake light flasher (wired with OEM harnesses so easy to remove)
- Dutch Custom LED display board (blue with red needles)
- Many stock fasteners replaced with high quality stainless steel
- New back tire included but not installed
- HD luggage rack and backrest
- HD frame pouch/bag

$9500 cash. Clean and clear title in hand. Located near the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Photos coming soon, more available to interested parties.

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Nice looking F. Really like the LED dashboard. GLWS.
Bump. Still enjoying it, but still for sale. New rear tire installed.
Happy spring! Still available, would like to sell before we relocate to a warmer state.
Gotta ask... any movement on the price?

Sure, within reason.
$8500 as it sits, $8K and I remove the windshield and daymaker.
Last call - $7500 or its getting traded in.
What are you looking to trade it in on? I've got a 2016 SGS I thought I'd be riding a lot more. Maybe we're going in opposite directions?

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I’m selling it outright to a dealer if nobody buys it. So I guess I’m not technically trading it in. I’ll end up buying something less expensive to have fun on until we move.
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