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Hi new to the forum. Last post under a name i do not remember in 2012.

I have only had two spills riding motorcycles. One when I was 16 yrs old and recently this year. Both were because I hit the front brake before I knew I hit it when my foot missed the foot brake. So I had a left side lay down at around 15 to 20mph. The shifter spindle was bent and the foot controls moved somehow I think. I pulled and replaced the spindle that went fine except for one thing.

The shift peg and arm position is giving me problems. At the spindle rod arm I have it pointing straight down at 6 o'clock... but the same rod is too long to position the shift peg the way it was before.

Now the peg is at 11 o'clock in neutral using the rod as it was before (it is good no damage). I go down one for 1st from neutral and up for all other gears. Having the peg at 11 o'clock makes it hard to shift up because the gears are at 12 o'clock at 2nd and past 12 for the others which is way to wonky to drive.

Before the spill neutral would put the shifter peg at about 10 o'clock with one down to 9 ish and all gears up never past 12 o'clock with my best recollection with the rod at its current length.

1. My question is the rod length as it was before the spill is now too long to position the shifter peg correctly even with thread adjustments. How did that happen.
2. The left foot peg which the shifter peg arm attaches to may have bent but there is no indication that it did.
3. I believe the spindle rod arm is to point straight down in neutral but I am not sure.
4. I really need to know what is going on before a repair but current options are:
A. are shorten the rod or buy a shorter one (not sure this will even work)
B. or change the position the of the spindle rod arm to point down at maybe to 5 o'clock (but I am not savvy enough to know what that would do).

I know pictures would help and I can take some to show but I want to get some intelligent opinions first.

This post is written a little like the joke "who is on first" and "I don't know" is on second (but best I can do) I am looking for a shifter linkage diagram to post but no luck finding that yet.
I know you guys will come through on this with some ideas.

I do not know the rules on posting links but this is the YouTube video that shows exactly what I did. He is a v rod guy from Estonia and I used his parts but i have no affiliation This will help you understand what I am asking
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