This 2006 model has been my trusty commuter since 2009. In all those miles, it only broke down because of alleged professionals over-tightening the drive belt early in my ownership (I do it myself since with no issues) and when I tried running a lithium ion battery. Bike is rock solid with Harley DayLighter headlight and auxiliary DayLighter driving lights. Bags fit this R model because the exhaust is an inch lower than stock. Great rubber, new battery. Only known issues relate to rear battery brake relay switch not connected (long story) and my auxiliary LED flashers and top case lights are not working. Chromed just about everything on the bike. Slipper clutch installed for reduced clutch effort. Upgrade front and rear suspensions. Tons of spares. You can have the dolly as well if you're bold! Lots of extras (full stock exhaust system, rotors, stock take-offs and more!
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