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2004 will not run

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2004 V-Rod with 2400 miles. Has sat several years. Drained and replaced fuel and oil with filter. All fuses good. Replaced injectors. Engine will run but only if WD 40 or Carb Cleaner sprayed in throttle body. Fuel pump is pumping but no way for me to tell how much pressure. Suggestions?
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Go to your local auto parts store and borrow a Fuel line pressure tester. Autozone, Advance and Napa all have a free loaner programs. The one from Advance hooks straight up to the schrader valve on the bike right side between the stacks.
Look for 55-65 psi. Anything less than you have a fuel delivery problem.
Thanks RustyG. I'll do that first thing in AM.
replace system relay,its cheap and i found ita common issue on earlier models.the fuel flange may also be faulty,another common issue.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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