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Just finished the conversion. Everything went fairly smoothly. The only thing different from the diagram on this site (thank you) is that I had to vary the spacer size to get clearance for the pulley on the left and to keep a spacer on the right.

The bike has a GR Customs tank. I had a local custom artist do the paint and put the 100 anniversary badges on the side.

I went fenderless, but I am looking for a small fender to add.

I experimented with some different rear shock sizes, but will likely go to black Progressives. I found that shorter shocks made the bike too short and was too close to the ground.

I did a tail light mod with LEDs so the brake light and blinkers are in the black strip under the seat.

Will reupholster the seat with cross stitch.

If anyone has any recommendations or questions, let me know.



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